Facilities update

Court 3 Lights

In order to address feedback from players that the lights on court 3 are too bright / glarey – some ‘louvres’ have been installed.  These are small visors on the front of the light, that shield players on the opposite side from the direct light of the lamp.  The lights have also been tilted down slightly.  This should address the main issue with the lights (the real test will obviously be when the courts are back in use).

Court 1 & 2 Lights

As some of the lamps started to blow out, the club has had all eight lamps replaced & cleaned.  In addition to increasing the power setting from low to medium, this should improve the lighting on courts 1 & 2.

Anti-climb paint

Recently we had some damage to the gate and top of the fence on the pavilion side. This was repaired (thanks to Pete Marshall) and in order to deter further scaling of the fence, anti-climb paint has been applied to the top of the pavilion-side fencing and posts and warning signs put up.

Privacy / windbreak nets for Court 3

We are getting some new fence netting for court 3.  The nets will be better quality than the previous ones, so once they arrive and put up, we’ll see they fare on the top court (that is less sheltered than courts 1 & 2).  If they do the job then further nets will be erected to provide further shelter.

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